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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Another complaint about Roger Parkin

Council staff refused to investigate

Report: Paul Janik

Allegations sent to Roger Parkin

Twice this anonymous complaint was personally delivered to Slough Council's senior director Roger Parkin – on Thursday 22 June 2017 and on Sunday 20 August 2017.

Each time Mr Parkin refused to comment but he did show it to his associates at the council and at their homes.

For unknown reasons Mr Parkin decided not to reject the allegations as false or wrong or distortions of the truth. Other people might have loudly claimed their innocence and/or ridiculed the accusations.

The Slough Times is not accusing Mr Parkin of wrong-doing, because we lack the evidence. We are not accusing Mr Parkin of anything new.

We are genuinely curious why council personnel did nothing when they received the same surprising letter.

The cover-up

This complaint is similar to other complaints which circulate around the council – not only about Mr Parkin but about other people including very serious frauds and corruption that usually get the crooks jailed for several years.

All these complaints are never ever investigated. Instead staff and some councillors are involved in a massive cover-up. That is the truthful reality of the systemic corruption and sleaze at Labour Party™ controlled Slough Unitary Authority.

Slough Council became a combined county council and district council in 1998, when Berkshire County Council was abolished. This type of council are officially called unitary authorities. Both types of council normally perform different functions. Being a unitary council, Slough does both – usually poorly.

The Slough Times accuses Slough Council staff and the previous Leader of the Council, Cllr Sohail Munawar, of refusing to investigate the following complaint about Roger Parkin. If Mr Parkin is innocent, let an investigation exonerate him and proclaim his innocence.

It can not be lawful that council staff cover-up complaints about their chums while victimising people they dislike, including whistle-blowers.

The Letter (verbatim)

14 May 2017

Supporting Slough residents and sports clubs - corrupt SLOUGH TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB and Slough interim Chief Exec - Roger Parkin - WHISTLEBLOWER

  1. I have heard from Slough Town Football Club and members in the football circle that the council is giving them the use of the Boroughs new stadium for next to nothing. They are laughing and boasting about it!!!! This needs to stop; we have worked so hard in the football industry to stop corruption yet Slough council thrives on it.
  2. I AM FUMING, YOU AS COUNCILLORS HAVE DONE NOTHING TO STOP THIS. Furthermore it's not on when small clubs and voluntary sector groups are suffering. This is a private business ......... not for the people but for the chairman and his paid staff and players.
  3. Why, because the chief exec of Slough - 'interim', I thought the last one was bad but this one takes the biscuit, he is corrupt and is a 'drinking partner' of the chairman of the club, AND OTHERS INCLUDING THE COUNCIL'S MAJOR CONTRACTORS - he has openly said he will give the club AND OTHERS what they want and this can be backed by others in the club AND RESIDENTS IN SLOUGH. I have 6 people that can verify this, and we are fed up of seeing our businesses fail and see this get free support from the council. Taxpayers' money paying for football subsidy of a privately owned club.
  4. I met with the now corrupt interim chief exec Roger Parkin a few years ago - and he said he would help us but turned his back on committing to support us. I am over that but don't want others to suffer now at the hand of incompetence and failure to be honest about what is happening. He is a liar and needs to be removed immediately before Slough residents hear of this free usage, abuse of contracts and inappropriate relationships with the CEO's of contracts the council has issued, as well and abuse of power!
  5. The club is a business, a private business, owned by one man - the millionaire chairman. I have known him for many years and he is a liar and a thief who seems to be blackmailing the council to get what he wants - it is not a community club and you are using our tax payers' money to put money in his pocket and pay for 'football players salaries' what state aid are you giving them, why are you using my tax money to pay for players and booze. - Shame on SBC. I want everyone to know!
  6. Share THE TALKS and agreement with the whole of Slough residents who have paid their taxes for services not salaries for football players. This is disgusting, whilst people are suffering to pay for care, sleazy Slough is back and you as Cllrs need to remove the Chief Exec and share what the deal is with other clubs so they too can seek the same free / next to nothing for a multi million pound facility, we want to know what the current hire costs are and what the minimum the club are paying and why has that been agreed? Share it will Slough residents to decide on spending their money!!!?
  7. We want to know what the true cost of hire is what subsidy my money is having with paying for this club. I am sharing this letter with 40 clubs across Slough both with in the football leagues across Berks but also other clubs. They all need to know what the club members are saying and what the council has agreed.
  8. There will be a protest outside the council offices if this is not transparent and that public money is not used to subsidies that any club like this in Slough. IF YOU SUBSIDISE PRIVATE CLUBS YOU NEED TO SUBSIDISE ALL CLUBS IN SLOUGH.
  9. I am disgusted at the thought of this and the blatant nature of allowing this club to get away with paying nothing. What do they bring to Slough and why has the council over the years promised the earth to them and made others suffer?
  10. Residents of Slough want to know what the real cost of usage of that place is and what the deal is, including why the deal is what it is? Who has received money in their pockets at the council to pull deals like this through, is it the leader or sleazy CEO. I WILL ALSO PAY YOU A BACK HANDER TO HELP MY CLUB AND OTHER CLUBS IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES! Club members are boasting and this is affecting all other clubs and those that work hard to help people is Slough feel worthless.
  11. I REITERATE it is a private company - they want our money to pay players salaries and bring nothing but rowdy, rude, overweight white males to watch 'football'. This does not represent Slough, none of the players live in Slough yet we are subsidising this club.
  12. Cllrs - this is corruption led by people at the top please take action before it's too late and this hits the press. I will go to the press and other clubs are threatening to do this already.
  13. I have lived in Slough for 57 years and for many years I have served the community and worked hard around the town to improve its reputation and I am appalled by the lack of support the council has given me with my club and others. (I have previously worked for London LA's so know a lot about contracts and have contract leads speaking to me about Slough's CONTRACTS AND WHY THEY HAVE GOT AWAY WITH THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING.......
  14. I also know clubs that bring in over 900 Slough residents a week and add value to their lives by reducing health issues, obesity and other issues. What support have you given them? I want to arrange a meeting with Cllrs and the CEO to address the support.
  15. I also want open questions on this at a council meeting - I have seen there is a scrutiny meeting and this needs to be taken there so others can have their views and decide if they want to spend their council tax money on paying for football player's salaries and a corrupt club who is relying on the council to bail them out - not over my dead body - I will protect tax payers money and call a protest to your officers if this is not opened up to scrutiny.
  16. I also know by speaking to the volunteers and other club people that they have had the facility for free for the WHOLE YEAR and kept all the income from the bar and gate receipts and they have made thousands of pounds from this facility at a loss to the council. Why has this happened, who agreed this and why haven't other clubs been given grace like this - lies lies - _ why has this happened?? Who authorised this and why are the council continuing to support them if they have made all this money from there for free.
  17. I have in the past paid full rate for pitches and facilities. Get the auditors in as to why they haven't paid anything last season and not going to pay anything going forward. Where is the money that they have made from the free use of the facility?? Again a deal done by the so-called CEO of Slough.
  18. I have been told if I can't afford to use a council facility then I can't use it so why are they allowed to do this when they can't afford to use the facility. I have 1,300 people on my books both adults and children and work with these people all week - I can also show you the difference I make. What you are doing is criminal and it has to stop now. I pay for my business, my coaches, staff and services without support from the council.
  19. I also know that in services across the council moral is all time low due to the 'complacent and unprofessional chief exec. I can also provide you with evidence of this as many staff have children that come to my club and we talk they share their views on how fed up they are with everything that is happening! GOOD STAFF ARE LEAVING BECAUSE OF HIM! I have heard about the head of legal!
  20. Ohh and this will make many people laugh and again need answers to open your eyes councillors ........
  21. What money has the Avarto contract paid back to the borough ??? None - ask Roger Parking - part of the deal I'm been told is money back to the council/money back to the borough this is a disgrace - share the details of what these contracts are worth and what they should be giving back! You as councillors should be demanding the figures and reassuring residents that their money is being spent and accounted for safely, honestly and accountability. I have also heard all the CEO's are golfing and drinking pals with the councils CEO this includes Morgan Sindall and who are SUR ???? [Slough Urban Regeneration ] I've also heard the millions of pounds YOU are giving the SUR club - why why why are YOU monopolising these organisations and wasting our taxpayer's money! Now you tell me what happens behind closed doors with these 'men's club' - more back handers.
  22. Ask for all the figures of all the contracts and you will see yourself!!!! I seem to be doing your jobs Cllrs - pull your fingers out and start scrutinising the contracts
  23. Check what money has been given to Amey as favours!!! by him, ....check budgets and transfers to all these companies authorised by the CEO - set up an independent review of the contracts and you will see what's been happening with Sloughs tax payers money. You owe this to all residents.
  24. Staff are fed up OF EVERYTHING THE COUNCIL STANDS FOR and these relationships with 'drinking pals' are a ring of corruption. Sit on the Arvato contract meetings and you will witness it yourself. I know this as staff at Arvato tell me that things are bad and are also fed up with the corruption. I HAVE SPOKEN TO PEOPLE THERE INCLUDING A SENIOR MANAGER.
  25. Slough Cllrs take action please now stop the chief exec from going ahead with what ever the agreement is - its not fair on others and those small clubs and facilities which are paying for everything themselves. Make it fair without using tax payers money and resident's resources ............. Address all the other contracts and remove him from authority and you will see the depth of corruption and mess the borough is in.
  26. From a group of concerned Slough residents who have witnesses to conversations and can provide time and dates including further evidence.