Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Saturday, 28 April 2018

Sainsbury recalls Beetroot & Pet Food

Do not consume shoppers warned

Report and photograph: Paul Janik
Sainburys, 149-153 Farmham Road, Slough SL1 4XP

Sainsbury Supermarkets (J Sainsbury PLC) have recalled two products.


Jars of Sainsbury beetroot 304g, are recalled because of possible glass contamination.

Sainsbury say the danger is confined to batches marked L318N 1737, with a best before date of August 2019.

Pet food

Pet food, for dogs and cats, in pouches weighing 100g, are recalled because of excessive amounts of vitamin D.

Sainsbury says all dates and all batch numbers are effected:-

  1. Adult Complete Nutrition in Jelly 12x100g
  2. Adult Complete Nutrition in Gravy 48x100g
  3. Adult Complete Nutrition in Gravy 12x100g
  4. Adult Complete Nutrition in Gravy 12x100g
  5. Puppy Complete Nutrition in Gravy 12x100g
  6. Adult Farmhouse Kitchen in Gravy 12x100g
  7. Adult Farmhouse Kitchen in Jelly 12x100g
  8. Adult Fine Flakes in Jelly 12x100g (meat varieties)
  9. Adult Fine Flakes in Broth 12x100g
  10. Adult Fine Flakes in Jelly 12x100g (meat/fish varieties)
  11. Adult Fine Flakes in Jelly 48x100g

The Food Standards Agency stated, what Sainsbury withheld,

Over a longer period of feeding with excessive levels of vitamin D, symptoms can vary, but may include lethargy, stiffness, vomiting, diarrhoea or excessive urination (polyuria).

Free food safety alerts

The Food Safety Agency will send you free alerts by mobile phone text message and/or by email.

Regrettably, certainly in Slough, both Sainsbury and Lidl fail to conspicuously display product recall notices.

Any notices, they do display, are not seen by all customers entering their supermarkets and are soon removed.

Protect your personal safety by receiving your own food safety alerts, as soon as they are issued, by subscribing to the free food alert service.