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Its always cheaper putting rubbish in a wheelie bin

Fly-tipper on dark lonely road gets caught

Report: Paul Janik. Pictures: Bucks County Council
Secret Bucks CCTV network catches another fly-tipper.

Out in the countryside, in a narrow road without pavement and street lights, and in the winter evening darkness, Antonio Goncalves de Jesus Sousa, 42, of Baylis Parade, Slough, thought he could dump his waste without trace. So he did, in Parsonage Lane, Farnham Royal.

Fly-tipping is wrong and very unsightly. It is a mess that Council Tax payers have to pay to clean-up.

Unfortunately Bucks highly successful network of anti-fly-tipping cameras caught him in the act. Not only did the cameras record the rubbish they also recorded Mr de Jesus Sousa and his work van.

Bucks County Council tracked-down Mr de Jesus Sousa and took him to a police station to be interviewed under caution. There Mr de Jesus Sousa admitted dumping the rubbish.

At High Wycombe Magistrates Court on 25 April 2018, Mr de Jesus Sousa pleaded guilty to dumping waste illegally. It included rags and used bottles from oven cleaning work.

The Magistrates:-

  • fined Mr de Jesus Sousa £200
  • ordered he pay prosecution costs of £837.50
  • ordered he pay a Victim Surcharge of £30

Instead of putting the rubbish in his wheelie bin, or disposing of it somewhere else lawfully, Mr de Jesus Sousa had to pay a total of £1,067.50.

South Bucks district councillor for environmental matters, Luisa Sullivan, said

Although there was a routine way of disposing of work waste properly, this man dumped his waste on the highway. Because of this, he now has a criminal record.

This case was investigated and prosecuted by Buckinghamshire County Council on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire. So far there have been over 660 successful convictions.

Illegal dumping anywhere in Buckinghamshire can be reported at buckscc.gov.uk/fly