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Gang steal bank card and raid pensioner's account

Motorist told he had a Lidl parking fine

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

On Tuesday, 8 May, at 11:00 hours, a woman in Lidl's Farnham Road car park stopped a motorist. She told the driver he owed Lidl a parking fine.

The woman escorted the 82 years-old pensioner to a nearby cash machine on the east side of Farnham Road, between Lidl and the roundabout. The grey cash machine, in the shape of a red telephone box, is opposite the Betfred betting shop.

At the cash machine, the woman asked the pensioner to enter his PIN number and car registration number. She then told the motorist his Lidl fine had been paid.

The woman took the pensioner's bank card out of the machine and walked away with a different man.

On the same day, two men went to Barclay's bank on the Trading Estate's Hamilton Road and withdraw a quantity of cash from the pensioner's account.

Later that same day, a second attempt was made to take more money from the pensioner's account. This time at Barclay's in Queensmere, Slough High Street. However that attempt was foiled by the bank's automatic security system.

Investigating officer PC Lewis Jefferson, of Slough Police Hub said:

We are investigating the incident in which an elderly man had his bank card stolen and then money stolen from his account.

I would like to speak to the men shown in this picture as they may have information about the incident.

If anyone recognises these people or you have any information about the incident please contact the police on 101 quoting reference 43-18-0138288, or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555111.

Man 1:-

  • brown skin
  • thin beard at side of face and to bottom of chin
  • moustache
  • thin navy blue jacket with 3 white-ish lines down both sides; from neck, along the top of the shoulders and down the outside of both arms.
  • white-ish emblem on jacket's left chest
  • blue jeans
  • navy blue baseball cap
  • medium build

Man 2:-

  • brown skin
  • bald or shaved head
  • medium build
CN 6189