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High-speed police chase car crashes at Three Tuns junction

Engine flung-out of totally wrecked car

Report and photograph: Paul Janik
After the cleanup. View from Tuns Lane towards Bath Road.

Last Saturday, 23 June 2018, circa 21:15, a police pursuit started in Chalvey when a red Volkswagen Golf refused to stop.

The car then drove northwards along Ledgers Road, west along Montem Lane and out into A4 Bath Road heading westwards.

In the middle of the Three Tuns junction, where the A4 Bath Road is intersected by the A355 Tuns Lane and A355 Farnham Road, the red car struck two other cars.

The high-speed impact was so forceful that the red car's engine was flung out of the car and on to the side of the road. Debris was scattered all over the road. One of the people in the red car was trapped.

The accident happened at the edge of Bath Road and Tuns Lane, about 100m from Slough Fire Station.

On hearing what sounded like a bomb exploding, firemen rushed out to see what had happened. It was a major crash. Two fire engines from the station drove across the road to start rescue work. They were assisted by a third fire engine from Langley.

Firemen had to delicately cut-off the red car's roof and then bits of the car's body to free a severely injured person.

Thames Valley Police said there were 3 people in the red car. One severely injured, one with minor injuries and one person unhurt.

Witnesses told the Slough Times the red car was stolen. When asked to confirm this, the police spokesman replied:-

We would not go in to that level of detail unless it was relevant for the investigation and appeal.

Thames Valley Police refused to reveal how many police cars had been chasing the red car and whether all of them were displaying flashing blue lights and sounding their sirens. It is not know whether the police vehicle that tried to stop the red car was a marked police vehicle or a plain covert police vehicle.

All police would say was:-

We would not go in to that level of detail about number of officers involved or police sirens/blue flashing lights.

A police press release revealed:-

A 27-year-old man from Bristol was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop for police and dangerous driving. He has been released under investigation.

Police are refusing to state whether the red car's severely injured person was the driver. A police spokesman told the Slough Times:-

We would not go in to that detail as we neither confirm or deny the identity of people who have been arrested.

Taking into consideration the red car's direction and the place of collision, the severely injured person is likely to have been the front passenger or the person in the rear of the vehicle.

Two other vehicles were involved in the smash:-

  • a blue Volkswagen Golf – the 49-year-old male driver was treated for his injures at Wexham Park Hospital and later discharged.
  • a Toyota Prius – the driver and two passengers were not injured.

Picture from K S K Jadoon's video on You Tube

9 police cars can be seen in these videos – 8 in the first video and a new one in the second video.

We received a number of emergency 999 calls around 21.15 reporting a serious three car collision at the A4 Bath Road/Tuns Junction, Slough.

We sent three ambulances and two rapid response vehicles to the incident.

One patient with serious, but not immediately life-threatening injuries, was taken by ambulance to the major trauma centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Three further patients with less serious injuries were taken to Wexham Park Hospital.

At 9.19pm on Saturday, 23 June, we responded to a three car road traffic collision on Tuns Lane, Slough.

Due to the station's proximity to the incident, the crews saw the incident themselves and responded.

Two Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews from Slough and one crew from Langley went to the scene.

Firefighters transferred one casualty to the care of South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) and worked to make the scene safe.

Crews were on the scene for about one hour.

Investigating officer PC Victoria Jones, of the Serious Collision Investigations Unit, at the Three Mile Cross roads policing base by M4 junction 11 (Reading), said:

There were a number of pedestrians and vehicles waiting at the junction when this incident happened.

We would like to speak to anyone who saw what happened before or after the collision.

A number of people stopped to help at the scene and could have vital information, especially a cyclist and a man who approached the red Golf, and we would like to speak to them.

If you have any information relating to this, please contact police on 101, quoting number 43-18-0191041, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800-555 111.

Slough Council has CCTV cameras at this junction. One hopes the council's cameras were fully working.

A witness working at one of the shops overlooking the accident scene claimed that police had arrested one person behind the shops and one person in front of the shops. However the police spokesman categorically insisted only the red car's driver had been arrested.

A witness working at a different shop overlooking the junction claimed the red car's driver had run away.

The Slough Times is concerned that Thames Valley Police are covering-up their part in the car crash. The public have every right to know:-

  1. How many police vehicles were involved in the police pursuit;
  2. How many of those vehicles were covert (plain) vehicles and how many were clearly marked police vehicles; and
  3. Whether the pursuing police vehicles – plain or marked – were displaying flashing blue lights and sounding sirens.

The Slough Times is not declaring the police are guilty of anything.

These are reasonable questions. It is unreasonable for the police to withhold this information. Transparency is a welcome concept which reassures the public. The Slough Times hopes the police will invoke it as soon as possible.

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