Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Dosanjh's Elite Paradise Suite

Right-to-buy fraudsters make a monkey out of Slough Council

Report and photographs: Paul Janik.
Entrance to Elite Paradise Suite, side of 96 Greenside

Residents living near the Elite Paradise Suite were surprised to see the accommodation advertised on international web sites at £50 per night, 98 New Zealand dollars.

Elite Paradise Suite is situated in the Northborough area of Slough, on the east side of Chatsfield Road leading to the Mars factory. It is hidden away in the back garden of a recently purchased, but never lived-in, council house, at 96 Greenside, Slough SL2 1ST.

The front of the house has been split into 3 small accommodation units suitable for 2 couples and 1 single person.

The back-garden extension, also known as the Elite Paradise Suite

Elite Paradise Suite guests can check-in at anytime between 12:30 and 24:00 hours. Guests must check-out before 11:00 hours.

Keen to show exciting and impressive standards of hospitality, Elite Paradise Suite proudly advertises FREE toilet paper.


Customers' comments

  1. Don't believe what it said on listing...

    Not clean at all, it was a double room on the back of a house full of tenants.

    There was a shower / toilet outside the bedroom with no privacy at all. As people in kitchen could see me walk to and from toilet via glass door.

    Garden very messy and muddy no grass at all.

    Hottub was outdoors in garden and they threw a lid full of Vanish powder inside it. No way I'm going in a Hottub with vanish powder in it.

    Bottles of used opened drinks left in room and I was told I could finish them (REALLY )

    Never again.

    Nothing like listing., that says air con in every room...sitting area .... bath.... etc none of that at all.

    Bed didn't look fresh...looked like someone had slept in it and they just made the bed (very badly).

  2. The property was located in a residential setting within an ordinary house which occupied other people and the place wasn't that clean

    Just the decoration in the actual rented room but it wasn't clean

  3. Never again

    The location was a council estate !

    It was a little scary ....the room was a converted garage maybe !!

    The back garden did have a hot tub .. but overlooked and the garden a mess

    The room was very small and had a connecting door to someone's kitchen and we could see them and they us, I hung a towel up it to give privacy.

    The bed was comfortable